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The Internet Party was founded on the spirit of the Internet, to get an open, free, fair, connected and innovative society. This is a party that will give you faster, cheaper Internet, create high-tech jobs, protect your privacy, and safeguard our independence.

  • We were born digital and base our positions with data and evidence.
  • We believe in Internet thinking and collaborating with others
  • We see the once in a 100 year opportunity New Zealand has to become a global leader.
  • We know the Internet is a game changer, that can fundamentally change what New Zealand does to prosper but we need people with vision to make that happen.
  • It’s time we stopped underselling ourselves.
  • It’s time we converted our size and remoteness into an advantage.
  • New Zealand can be the place where talent wants to live.
  • The knowledge economy is happening, let’s harness it to benefit all New Zealanders.

Welcome to the Internet Party, this is going to be awesome!

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