Our core values are: Openness; freedom; fairness; connectedness; innovation.


Each international Internet Party is responsible for observing and complying with the electoral rules of their own country/state/province. The electoral rules followed by the Internet Party NZ relate only to the territory of New Zealand and do not apply to the international movement. The Internet Party NZ suggests that you seek local expertise to ensure you comply with any and all electoral rules and associated legislation.


The Internet Party NZ advises that you seek and employ local, competent legal counsel to ensure that the legal aspects of your Party’s business structure, communications, finances and the operations of your Party comply with applicable local laws.


The Internet Party NZ advises that you seek and employ local, competent accounting assistance in order to ensure that you are fully complying with applicable local financial and accounting regulations.


The Internet Party NZ has no power to approve or disapprove the Party Constitutions of international Internet Parties.

The Internet Party NZ Constitution sets out the operational rules and structure of the Party. The Internet Party NZ allows the use of its Party Constitution as a template that international Internet Parties can adopt and adjust with the consensus of their own Executive Committees once elected, provided that such alterations don’t contradict the Core Values of the Internet Party NZ.

The most recent copy of the Constitution of the Internet Party NZ can be read here. The Internet Party NZ bears no responsibility for the way in which international Parties adapt and implement their own Party Constitutions.


Although the Internet Party NZ has set up the Loomio and Discord spaces as an initial point of contact for the international Internet Parties, the latter are responsible for setting up their own social media accounts and website domains, establishing and moderating their own communications channels and for any content or conduct within or related to the aforementioned.


International Internet Parties must be recognisable to the public by the use of a modified version of the Internet Party NZ logo. The Internet Party NZ allows use of this logo on the following understanding:

The original logo will not be altered, only added to (by adding words or graphics that represent your country); that the brand will not be used to represent anything which violates our core values.

Please email your modified brand to for approval. To acquire official Internet Party branding templates and logos please contact


Some initial tech support, within reason, is available by contacting @ipnztech on Twitter (DM’s are open). Or email

All international Parties must be registered with the Internet Party NZ, and will be listed at


At no time will the Internet Party NZ collect membership or subscription fees from the international Parties. Only individuals who elect to become members of the Internet Party NZ are required to pay membership fees to the Party. Membership of international Internet Parties is to be handled at the discretion of each international Party.

In agreeing with the above terms and establishing their Parties, the international Parties recognise that the relationship between the Internet Party NZ and the international Parties is non-financial.


The Internet Party NZ is applying for member status with Pirate Parties International (PPI). This may be extended to international Internet Parties on a case-by-case basis. There are many benefits to joining PPI; it is an established international network of thousands of tech-savvy members, with a mature organisational structure and annual conference. We highly recommend that, once firmly established, each international Internet Party also applies for member status with PPI.


Because you support the values of the Internet Party NZ, we have no objection to you using the Internet Party name and branding, however the Internet Party NZ disclaims any and all liability arising from any and all activities of the international Internet Parties.

This document is currently pending approval by the Executive Committee of the Internet Party NZ and may be modified in the future. Any revised copy will be posted to the International page on our Loomio. It is the responsibility of the international Parties to keep up to date with any such changes.

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