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Caitlin Johnstone: Interview with the Internet Party's Suzie Dawson

14-09-2017 | Source:

I’m Australian, so naturally I enjoy making fun of New Zealand. It’s a national pastime. To me, New Zealand is a sleepy backwater where sheep are routinely rogered and the sparse traffic is made up of cars that still sport bench seats and cassette players. Say the words “New Zealand bureaucracy” and I immediately picture wood veneer panelling, a DOS computer, and Murray from Flight of the Conchords pencilling minutes into his ledger. Sweet, boring, slightly retro. (Continue reading...)

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Internet Party #AntiSpyBill VI update

17-09-2017 | Source: The Outer Light

The Internet Party was joined, for their #AntiSpyBillVI by a number of experts, on the topic of bio-metrics, as well as a host of other things. Don't forget, that this 23rd of Sep, is voting day in New Zealand.

Internet Party Update #5 AntiSpyBillV

11-09-2017 | Source: The Outer Light

H A Goodman, appeared on the Inter Party, this week, for a great talk with Suzie Dawson, about Hillary Clinton and many other topics. Afterwards, Suzie Dawson, and a few of the other Internet Party showed up to discuss/draft the AntiSpybill in real time, giving everyone an inside track on the process.

Disobedient Media: H.A. Goodman Speaks With Suzie Dawson At Internet Party Event

10-09-2017 | Source: Disobedient Media

Disobedient Media previously reported on the Internet Party of New Zealand’s Anti Spy Bill events which have featured a number of high profile guests including Lee Camp, host of RT America’s Redacted Tonight, as well as whistleblowers Lauri Love, Barret Brown, and John Kiriakou, who was a signatory on the VIPS memorandum sent to President Trump denouncing the Russian hacking narrative. (Continue reading...)

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The Internet Party calls out gatekeepers, TVNZ, in court filings

09-09-2017 | Source: The Outer Light

Internet Party Denounces Election Meddling By Media; Releases Court Filings


09-09-2017 | Source: H. A. Goodman

Internet Party Update #3 #AntiSpyBillIV

07-09-2017 | Source: The Outer Light

Recently the Internet Party had its #AntiSpyBill IV and it also announced a candidates list. A general update on things happening for those interested. Link to the Internet Party will be placed in the comments section.

The Outer Light Review of #AntiSpyBill III Event

27-08-2017 | Source: The Outer Light

The internet party had a number of special guests. All links will be placed in the comment section. #UpdateNZ #AntiSpybill3

History of Things to Come: The Internet Party and the Rise of Mainstream Hacktivist Politics

20-08-2017 | Source: History of Things to Come

If the Kiwis were on the cutting edge of men's fashion in the 1970s, they're on the cutting edge of political fashion now. This was Ed's segue, not mine! The point he was making, I think, is that the world used to be more trusting, naive, and less oppressive. People hung out, had parties, drank soda, and wore tight pants. Ed's Outer Light videos often express nostalgia for the lost, pre-Internet past, when everyday people did not worry about global crime and mass surveillance, and they felt they could trust their governments. (Continue reading...)

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Disobedient Media: Internet Party Hosts CIA Whistleblower John Kiriakou

20-08-2017 | Source: Disobedient Media

Suzie Dawson of the Internet Party hosted the second Anti Spy Bill event late yesterday. During the proceedings, Kim DotCom spoke with CIA Whistleblower John Kiriakou regarding the CIA’s torture program and the methods used by authorities to target whistleblowers. (Continue reading...)

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GUEST BLOG: Suzie Dawson – CIA Whistleblower joins 2nd Internet Party #AntiSpy Bill Panel

20-08-2017 | Source: The Daily Blog

CIA torture whistleblower John Kiriakou was recruited from the high school he taught Jared Leto at. In the decades to follow, he travelled the world, recruited other spies in turn, and oversaw operations that captured Al Qaeda militants and sent them to Guantanamo Bay. Trained to keep secrets, there was one he couldn’t live with – his government was torturing people. Eventually, he shared what he knew with his fellow countrymen. Tonight, he will share it with New Zealand. (Continue reading...)

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Ex-CIA officer John Kiriakou at The Internet Party Sunday #AntiSpyBill

18-08-2017 | Source: The Outer Light

John Kirakou and Kim DotCom will be with The Internet Party this Sunday. #UpdateNZ #TheInternetParty

Exclusive to WHOWHATWHY: The Barrett Brown Podcast

14-08-2017 | Source: WHOWHATWHY

"In his first podcast, Brown talks to Suzie Dawson, the leader of New Zealand’s Internet Party. Dawson explains that the party is an attempt to modernize the out-of-date politics and political system in New Zealand. To drag it kicking and screaming into the 21st century." (Continue reading...)

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Kim Dotcom and Internet Party Leader Suzie Dawson discuss Seth Rich

09-08-2017 | Source: The Outer Light

KimDotCom speaks to the Internet Party about the Seth Rich investigation.

GUEST BLOG: Suzie Dawson – Why You Must Attend 2017’s Moment Of Truth: #AntiSpyBill Sunday 8pm-11pm NZST

06-08-2017 | Source: The Daily Blog

How do egregious lies become the historical record? They are laundered through the media.

In 2014 a fantastical fairy tale was sold to the New Zealand public. The persistence with which it was told; and relentless repetition through the biggest channels and names in the New Zealand press corps made it a self-fulfilling prophecy. (Continue reading...)

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Suzie Dawson On First Of Its Kind Anti-Spying Bill

06-08-2017 | Source:

Disobedient Media spoke this evening with Suzie Dawson of the New Zealand Internet Party , regarding the upcoming live drafting event of the Anti Spy Bill. (Continue reading...)

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The Internet Party #AntiSpyBill roundtable; special guests revealed

06-08-2017 | Source: The Outer Light

Recently The Internet Party hosted a discussion on #AntiSpyBil #UpdateNZ. The event included Kim Dotcom, Lauri Love, Barrett Brown, Suzie Sawson and Lee Camp, and was very interesting, with a great deal of great information being discussed.

Internet Party of New Zealand Hosts #AntiSpyBill Live Event | Radio Free

05-08-2017 | Source: Radio Free

The Internet Party of New Zealand is live-streaming its general election campaign, featuring guests such as award-winning investigative journalist Barrett Brown, hacktivist Lauri Love and stand-up comedian Lee Camp. The party's platform is based on internet freedom and consumer privacy protections, and it's looking to the public to help draft legislation during the #AntiSpyBill event, which will stream live on YouTube on Sunday, August 6th from 8 p.m. - 11 p.m. NZST (1 a.m. - 4 a.m. PDT.)

(Continue reading...)

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Two of the "special guests" revealed @ The Internet Party's live drafting of the #AntiSpyBill

04-08-2017 | Source: The Outer Light

Two special guests have been announced, in regards to the the live drafting of the #AntiSpyBill by the Internet Party in real time - starts on Sunday 8pmNZST #UpdateNZ

The Internet Party will have "mystery guests" this weekend, in drafting #AntiSpyBill

03-08-2017 | Source: The Outer Light

Panelists will include surprise international guests who are experts in the field of state and private intelligence gathering practices, violations and mass surveillance for #AntiSpyBill drafting in live time.

H. A. Goodman: INTERVIEW WITH INTERNET PARTY LEADER SUZIE DAWSON: Defeating Spying and Mass Surveillance

02-08-2017 | Source: H. A. Goodman

The Outer Light: The Internet Party candidate search

19-07-2017 | Source: The Outer Light

Recently the Internet Party has stated the fact they are looking for candidates for their party and putting out the call far and wide #UpdateNZ

The Outer Light: The Internet Party is now going global - US, Canada, France, Germany etc. #UpdateNZ

09-07-2017 | Source: The Outer Light

The Internet Party has now gone global, with the Internet Party welcoming its newest member, Australia. #UpdateNZ #UpdateAustralia

The Outer Light: The Internet Party is now going global - US, Canada, France, Germany etc. #UpdateNZ

27-06-2017 | Source: The Outer Light

H. A. Goodman: Kim Dotcom Internet Party Transforming New Zealand Politics with Leader Suzie Dawson

17-06-2017 | Source: H. A. Goodman

The Outer Light: Internet Party names "exiled" journalist Suzie Dawson as new leader

25-06-2017 | Source: The Outer Light

Avenue of Intrigue: Suzie Dawson to Lead Internet Party

16-06-2017 | Source: Avenue of Intrigue

New Zealand's own Suzie Dawson leads the NZ Internet party which exists in large part to expose and root out corruption and to improve government for the better.

H. A. Goodman: Kim Dotcom Internet Party New Zealand Launches Site: Protect Whistleblowers, Edward Snowden

11-06-2017 | Source: H. A. Goodman