Internet Party Policies

We are currently revising our 2014 legacy policies, which are listed below. Watch this space!

The Internet Party was founded on the spirit of the Internet, to get an open, free, fair, connected and innovative society. This is a party that will give you faster, cheaper Internet, create high-tech jobs, protect your privacy, and safeguard our independence.

Digital Economy and Innovation

The Internet Party will provide vision, leadership, and determination to make New Zealand a prosperous country by becoming a global leader in the Digital Age. We will:

  • Boost innovation by increasing government investment in R&D by an additional $1 billion over the next 3 years and establishing university-centred innovation hubs.
  • Establish New Zealand as the world’s start-up incubator by making it the place where talent wants to live, providing “Ideas Grants”, and increasing the availability of domestic and overseas venture capital investment.
  • Close the skills gap by doubling the number of tech workers in the digital economy through measures such as updating the immigration points system, non-university career paths and encouraging more people into IT careers.

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Privacy and Internet Freedom

The Internet Party will fight against mass surveillance, safeguard our human rights, and strengthen Internet freedom. We will:

  • Immediately repeal the GCSB Bill and TICS Bill passed last year, and make intelligence sharing agreements fit for our future.
  • Ensure the Bill of Rights is fit for a digital age and enshrine Internet freedoms, including a possible new Bill of Digital Rights.
  • Strengthen due process and transparency in Internet filtering, website takedowns, and the role played by Internet intermediaries.

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Cheaper, Universal Internet

The Internet Party will halve the cost of Internet and ensure universal access to fast broadband across New Zealand so that everyone can take part in our digital future. We will:

  • Push for building a second fibre Internet submarine cable connecting New Zealand to the rest of the world and getting rid of the international bandwidth monopoly.
  • Deliver fibre broadband to those outside the main cities using a community -led, locally suitable solution to deliver ultra fast broadband to 97.8% of New Zealanders.
  • Overcome the digital divide by giving Internet access to all New Zealanders unable to afford it or lacking the necessary confidence, knowledge or skills.

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Copyright and open research

The Internet Party will ensure that New Zealand’s copyright legislation is fit for the opportunities and challenges of the digital age. We will:

  • Boost options for accessing online content legally and ensure New Zealanders are not held liable for getting around geo-blocking to access legal content online.
  • Update the Copyright Act 1994 for the digital age including amending the 3 Strikes law, introduce a ‘fair use’ exception, and strengthen ‘safe harbour’ provisions.
  • Mandate that all taxpayer-funded research be open access with the public able to freely access and re-use it.

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Responsive government

The Internet Party will increase transparency, make government services better, and increase people’s participation in government. We will:

  • Publish all Cabinet papers and government expenditure online.
  • Lead technology-enabled government transformation, taking government into the digital age, to deliver services when and how people and businesses want them.
  • Push for online voting, create a Democracy Portal, and introduce direct democracy including conditionally binding referenda and repealing laws passed by Parliament.
  • Immediately repeal the GCSB Bill and TICS Bill passed last year, and make intelligence sharing agreements fit for our future.
  • Ensure the Bill of Rights is fit for a digital age and enshrine Internet freedoms, including a possible new Bill of Digital Rights.
  • Strengthen due process and transparency in Internet filtering, website takedowns, and the role played by Internet intermediaries.

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The Internet Party calls for urgent action to protect New Zealand’s environment and build a clean, sustainable economy. We will:

  • Set a goal of 100% of electricity generated from renewable sources by 2025 and become a world leader in green technologies.
  • Develop a futuristic, global-scale, green data centre in New Zealand and tackle e- waste while boosting smart cities and smart homes.
  • Impose an immediate moratorium on risky mineral extraction and waste disposal, and enhance environmental protection, including carbon pricing and biodiversity.

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Modern Schools

The Internet Party will take schools and the education system into the digital age, stepping up support for capability development and pedagogical change. We will:

  • Invest an additional $75 million to triple the amount of ICT funding to schools.
  • Boost resources, systems and capabilities for teachers and educators to evolve pedagogical change, making it student-centred in digital learning environments.
  • Review National Standards with a view to getting rid of them or modifying it to better reflect individuality and feedback-based learning.

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Better healthcare

The Internet Party will balance the ever-increasing demand for more health expenditure and better healthcare for New Zealanders by emphasising individual-led healthcare and cutting waste. We will:

  • Accelerate the current slow progress to create an E-health environment to enhance the quality and safety of health services.
  • Provide all New Zealanders with an electronic personal health record that they own, control, and can choose to share it with caregivers, family members and providers.
  • Cut waiting lists by better operations at a whole-of-system level and eliminating waste.

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The Internet Party will safeguard the ability of New Zealanders to democratically exercise sovereign control and make decisions without undue influence over our country. We will:

  • Commit to not using Executive power to ratify the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) without an extensive public debate and independent assessment of the benefits and costs to New Zealand.
  • Review New Zealand’s participation in the Five Eyes intelligence sharing arrangement with a view to exiting from it.
  • Use diplomatic channels to oppose the USA’s Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) to protect the privacy and rights of New Zealanders against the imposition of US legislation.

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Animal Welfare

The Internet Party recognises the decades of scientific evidence, undertaken around the world, which proves animals are sentient beings (that animals can feel pain and distress). We will:

  • Animal cruelty should not be tolerated for economic practicality or impact. This includes the welfare of animals being compromised for entertainment.
  • Ban all live exports including export for slaughter and breeding (and close all loopholes that categorise “livestock”). This is a trade in suffering.
  • Phase out ‘Factory Farming’ practices; stop any future ‘intensive farming’ (including the intensification of dairy) and help collaborate with the industry to promote humane and sustainable farming practices instead.

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Arts & Culture

The Internet Party supports innovative initiatives and the use of digital technologies that will enhance New Zealand’s art sector and strengthen our culture. We will:

  • Promote the use of Creative Commons to help build an active culture of sharing, remix and reuse with a view to reforming copyright laws.
  • Initiate a review of current funding programmes and their social/economic outcomes, with the aim of strengthening infrastructure and support for artist development and the growth of audiences.
  • Support further discussion about the development of ways to recognise past and present works and achievements, as well as ways to increase the proportion of Kiwi music – especially new music – on commercial radio.

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Christchurch Rebuild

The Internet Party believes that Cantabrians must have the opportunity to have their voices heard in the rebuilding of Christchurch and that their democratic rights must be restored. We will:

  • Advocate strongly for transparency and accountability from all institutions and organisations responsible for fixing the city.
  • Strengthen democratic governance in Christchurch by reinstating a democratically elected Environment Canterbury council.
  • Support the continued development of Christchurch’s tech sector, including the establishment and development of tech hubs such as EPIC, and direct a part of the already committed central government funding of recreating Christchurch to make it a world leading smart city.

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Criminal Justice

The Internet Party believes in a fair, restorative, balanced and solution-focused system of justice for New Zealand. We will:

  • Increase the use of non-custodial, rehabilitative and restorative approaches to overcoming crime in the community, through a series of actions based on international evidence and best practice.
  • Continue to improve systems and programmes in prison so that when prisoners are released they will have access to jobs, education, housing and other services, and will be less likely to re-offend.
  • Investigate the procedures used in sexual assault cases.

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The Internet Party recognises that New Zealand’s rarest dolphins, Hector’s and Māui, face extinction from the use of gill nets and trawl nets and the expansion of off-shore mineral exploration and mining. We will:

  • Take action to protect Hector and Māui dolphins throughout their habitats, including the conservation corridor between the North and South Island dolphin populations.
  • In all areas where these dolphins are found, offshore to the 100 metre depth contour, we will ban new mineral exploration, ban fishing methods known to cause dolphin mortality and help the fishing industry make the transition to dolphin safe fishing methods.
  • Establish marine traffic limits, community education programmes and support more research where needed as well as offer support to environmental groups who work to save the dolphins.

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The Internet Party recognises that current approaches to cannabis do not work. We will promote an evidence-based approach to cannabis law reform and treat cannabis use as a health issue instead of a criminal issue. We will:

  • Immediately legalise medical use of cannabis and set up a licensing system to regulate and administer the cultivation of natural cannabis for medical use.
  • Immediately decriminalise personal use of cannabis so that possession and cultivation of cannabis for personal use will no longer carry a criminal penalty.
  • Develop and promote a model for regulating the legal production and distribution of cannabis for personal use to enable the taxation of cannabis and the monitoring of its supply.

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Free tertiary education and student loans

If Free Tertiary Education was a higher priority than tax cuts and a priority for new spending, we could deliver it immediately. The Internet Party will deliver free education, protect academic freedom, and foster diverse areas of study. We will deliver:

  • No fees for study in public tertiary institutions and wānanga.
  • Universal student allowance and a brand new summer jobs programme for students.
  • Student allowances for post-graduate students and the Training Incentive Allowance.
  • Development of a comprehensive loan forgiveness programme for those with existing debt.

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